Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Why We Like It In Sunriver

Here is a list of notable wildlife sightings in our first three days here:

* numerous  ground squirrels and chipmunks
* soaring red-tailed hawks
* many geese families, including one with four tiny little fuzzy goslings
* a weird looking salamander/lizardy thing that had most likely lost its tail.  It looked kind of like a shell-less turtle.
*11 deer sightings, which includes a doe with two wobbly fawn that Juliana and I saw    this morning
* an osprey fishing in the Deschutes River (seen by David)
* a cottontail rabbit chewing long pieces of grass that made it look just like it was slurping spaghetti noodles
* baby barn swallows peeking out of a nesting box
* a nifty frog with orange spots swimming in a creek
* A heron fishing in the river seen by Juliana while riding a horse
*  a pregnant barn cat with a mouse in its mouth


momdeplume said...

Was the heron riding a horse or was Juliana?

indy1016 said...

<snort>  Juliana was riding the horse.  That's what I get for letting Ritu add a few things to my list.

sarahthinksjanet said...

WILDLIFE SIGHTINGS IN EAST SPRINGFIELD:  a chicken.........a chicken in the mouth of a Border Collie....Oh God, it's MY Border Collie............I hate neighbors with chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)S

chancesutler said...

I envy you your brief stay there.  Most of us Westerners are too urbanized and removed from nature.  It's not good for us.  Lack of knowledge, lack of skills, lack of perspective.