Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures II - St. Louis

In St. Louis, we went to visit the Gateway Arch.  I figured we'd go, take a look at it, and leave but we ended up spending most of the day there.  Here are the kids lounging against the outside of the arch itself.  I think it was 95 degrees and 95% humidity that day.

David entering the little capsule tram that took you inside and up to the top of the arch.

Looking out the little windows at the top of the arch.

View of St. Louis from the top.

David at the highest point.  We've got haircuts scheduled for this week.  Shut up.

We also visited a children's museum.  David got to do the Van de Graaf generator.  Heh, this one I'll save for his prom date.

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momdeplume said...

Ha ha!  Dandelion hair!