Monday, October 29, 2007

This Should've Been A Much Cuter Post

Thursday night we went to our school's Halloween Carnival.  Juliana won a round of the Cake Walk which meant that she got to choose from a selection of store-bought cakes.  (For health reasons we aren't allowed to bring in homemade baked goods to the school.)  She chose for her prize a small 4-inch cake frosted in the brightest of green and decorated to look like Frankenstein.  She was so proud that she cradled that cake in her arms all around the carnival for the next hour.  I didn't have my camera with me that night, so I made sure to take pictures of her eating it the next day.  Her friend Shannon had spent the night so we all dug in for a mid-morning snack.  (You can see David pouting in the background as he hadn't finished cleaning the guinea pig cage.)

As she'd been so cute carrying it around the night before, I tried to re-create that missed photo opportunity by having her hold it with the uncut side facing out.  Cleverly, I neglected to ensure that the dome was attached tightly to the cake plate.

But no worries here!  We just turned the upside down dome into a bowl and ate it like that!

Much face-scrubbing and tooth-brushing followed.

For lunch that day, we'd been invited to a birthday party at a Chuck E. Cheese type place.  Juliana ate three slices of pizza, drank two glasses of root beer and had a piece of birthday cake.  After lunch she told me that she felt cold, but quickly decided to go on a little ride called The Frog Jumper.  After that she just wanted to sit on my lap for awhile.  She perked up and ventured into the play structure, but soon came flying out asking me to take her to the bathroom.  She went up the stairs like a shot and by the time I followed her into the bathroom, she was already in a stall.  I called in to see how she was doing and she burst into sobs saying, "I think I have diarrhea and it'''s.....GREEN!"

In retrospect, I learned that perhaps filling my child full of crap then letting her ride anything with "Jumper" in the name isn't the best idea.  (And yes, I am QUITE aware that it all could've come out the other end and been a lot worse.)

Even more importantly I learned that despite spending a number of hours in her digestive tract, that green frosting didn't lose even the slightest bit of intensity.  God knows you can't get that same sort of craftsmanship from something home-made.


momdeplume said...

Good thing I still have Child Welfare on my speed dial.

Good thing that Juliana doesn't read the blog.  Do remember to delete this bit when she is older.  If you don't, there's a strong chance that she will come in to your room one night as you sleep and murder you in your bed.

I'm just sayin'...

sarahthinksjanet said...

Murdered in her bed, Mom?  I think not.  No, better that patience is a virtue.  Let's hope that Juliana never ends up being Janet's caretaker in Janet's old age (and let's face it, she's getting OLD!).  I wonder if your darling daughter will find green diarrhea as amusing when the roles are reversed????  :)S

mazeway said...

See, and as I was reading that post I was thinking, 'Oh, this is going to bring on the green poop.'  Interestingly, well to me at least, cookie-monster-blue icing ALSO causes shamrock green poop.

soappope said...

Poor Juliana and her green poopy!  Did you tell  her you broadcast about it on the web?  lol  The pics are so cute and man your new granite looks NICE.