Tuesday, May 9, 2006

You Can Thank The Internet Gods

I just typed up a reeeeeeally boring post.  It focused on cleaning products.  And I used lots of links.  Like five.  To cleaning products.  It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

I composed it all offline and when I went to log on and post it, AOL told me that Journals were unavailable and POOF the whole thing was gone.  If I were you, I'd be thanking AOL about now because apparently their crap filters are working just fine. 

In its place, I'll post this:

Ritu and David went to One Man Star Wars  on Saturday night.  The show itself is just one guy acting out the entire original Star Wars Trilogy which he's distilled into an hour long performance.  Ritu said it was clever and funny and definitely worth seeing.  Before it started, there were people in the lobby all dressed in Star Wars regalia.  Here is Darth Vader and David (who wisely brought his own light saber.)



jodyjamesjenna said...

James would be so jealous!! he and his buddies are star wars nuts!

mazeway said...

Ben would plotz.  He never goes ANYWHERE without his light saber.  And he constantly asks questions like "In the 3rd movie? where Luke is looking over his shoulder? Why are his socks green?"  I saw the damn thing once, maaaaany years ago, and disliked it then.  I.don't.know.

mrszargarpur said...

I'll have to do my rendition of Yoda from SW and Roz from Monster's Inc on their honey moon:  "Yoda, use the force!"