Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This Is Probably Anti-Climactic

Here's the big news: We're moving!  Here's the rather lame addendum: We're moving to the house next door! 

Ok, see, here's the thing.  If you count my move from Pittsburgh to New Orleans when we got married, I've moved 4 times in 15 years.  And once you set up that sort of a precedent, you start to get itchy when you stay in the same place too long.  The first few moves were job related;  his training happened in 3-5 year increments and we'd move as one program ended and a new one began.  Our move to Oregon was spurred by the fact that David was school-age and the schools  in North Carolina didn't meet our needs.  So we moved to Oregon and we've been happy here ever since. 

When we got here, we found that the people we bought from had moved to a different part of the neighborhood. As I got to know people, I found that this was not an uncommon occurrence.  People here played musical houses.  Someone was always moving down the hill or up the hill, but still in the same subdivision.  How I scoffed at those losers.  For crying out loud, if you're going to make a change, then MAKE A CHANGE!  Don't just shuffle around where you already are.  I believe the word I used to describe this familiar house-swapping was "incestuous".  Fast forward 4 years and here we are buying the house literally next door.  As I sit and type this I can glance out the window and see my new house. 

We weren't really even looking to buy a house.  We love our location.  I can walk the kids to school and our block is built around an incredible common area.  All the houses back up to it which means that we leave our back yard and step into acres of open rolling lawn.  It's like a private park and we spend all summer out there playing with the neighbors.  We were debating adding on to our current house, so when our neighbor put her house on the market, we went to see it just for fun.  We'd looked at another house in our area, but it didn't do much for us.  This one hit us like a bolt of lightning and we decided it was an opportunity too good to pass up. 

Now I need some good house-selling vibes.  And if you want to come help us carry our stuff from one house to the next this summer, we'll be providing refreshments.


todlertrouble said...

As a child we moved one time around the block.  I always found that fun.  Your move is better

Tell us more about the new house.

halzmama said...

My mother lives 5 houses straight down the street from the house in which I grew up.  That is not evidence that you are normal, however, which you would know if you had ever met Mary Jane.

I will help you move if you let my child play in your greenspace this summer!

momdeplume said...

Stop begging.....I don't care how good the refreshments are; I will NOT carry your grand piano next door.

jbear97 said...

Look on the bright side.. no renting a moving van!!! :o)

I hope it's an easy move, if such a think exsists!!!