Monday, May 15, 2006

Everyone Should Have A Twirly Skirt

This is a day for the record books, temperature-wise.  Officially, we hit somewhere around 95, but I'll have you know that at one point my van thermometer read 102.  Which brings me to a funny story.  This afternoon I decided it was time to turn on the air conditioning in the house.  I switched it on and left for Costco.  When I got back, the house was even hotter than when I'd left!  Isn't that funny??  My  A/C is broken on the day we're setting heat records!  How I laughed!  And by "laugh", I mean "stomped into the garage and yelled 'FUCKER!' at the air conditioner thingy".  The nice man is coming tomorrow morning to check things out.  He's the same nice man who installed our new furnace a few months ago.  Wanna bet there's a connection?

Since it was so hot, I decided to close up the blinds and turn on the ceiling fans.  We recently re-arranged Juliana's room, so I was able to step up onto her bed and easily reach the cord to lower her blind.  For once, the Grace Fates were on my side, because as I was standing on her bed, I suddenly realized how close my head must've come to the moving fan blades.  Thankfully, my spatial abilities are so bad that I had no idea what sort of danger I'd put myself in.  (To balance things out, while at Costco I'd carefully crouched down to slide a flat of juice boxes on the rack under the shopping cart.  When I straightened up again, I whacked my left shoulder hard on the underside cart handle.  I really shouldn't be allowed out in public by myself.)

But enough about me.  Here are some pictures of Juliana that my friend emailed to me.  Last month, her Kindergarten class participated in a school assembly by dancing The Twist.  What I especially love (beside that fact that she chose a "twirly skirt" for the event) is how most of the class bunched up at the very back of the room.  Not my girl!  She and her friend Hailey were front and center.




momdeplume said...

I fervently hope and pray that my granddaughter stays more graceful than her mother, the uber-body-whacker.  I also pray that your air conditioner is fixed so that your neighbors don't have to listen to SUCH A MOUTH vilifying the poor furnace thingie.

momdeplume said...

I just read the comment from Mazeway recounting how Ben asked questions?  About Star Wars stuff?  About minutiae?  It made me laugh and laugh because that's how David talks....and all the other kids whose brains are not cluttered up with decades of wisdom and knowledge.  

foilhat16 said...

ROFL I"m totally cracking up - there's nothing like the sound when the ceiling fan blade smacks into your head and, in my own experience, it has to go round twice until you realize what has happened.  ROFLPIMP  THWHUMP (shudder), THWHUMP(shudder), THWHUMP (shudder) ...  Go ahead and ask me about little boy bunk beds and ceiling fans ... go ahead, I double dog dare ya.

And, somehow we've switched weather patterns.  We were shivering (in FL in MAY) here it only reached about 65.  It should be around 95.  I'm not complaining, but weird, huh?

jodyjamesjenna said...

She is just darling!! And she looks graceful!!