Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I almost forgot!  This was one of the reasons I wanted to post things I liked.   These were my favorite childhood toy and I've been googling forever trying to find them again.  I finally came across somebody here who had some and armed with their actual name, I found a partial set on ebay.  Now that I've found a full set,  I'm going to order them, then force my children to sit down and relive my childhood.  While eating roasted vegetables.


momdeplume said...

oh yes...crystal climbers!  I had forgotten all about them.  Let me know how it works with making David eat roasted vegetables.  He, who says chocolate things are dessert, but things like apple pie or cherry pie...well, they're just FOOD.

mazeway said...

One of my British buds from Julianna's old playgroup was obsessed with those.  I don't see it, frankly. Neither those nor the bristle blocks she so loved ever did it for me.  Lego and Tinkertoys.