Monday, February 6, 2006

A Little Language Lesson

Today a friend of mine used the absolute best euphemism for saying somebody was a jerk.  (I was going to use the word "asshole" there, but didn't want to upset my mom.  Hi Mom!)  In fact, it was such a great phrase that, for a moment, I didn't even realize it was an insult.  It was "I am not sympathetic to his journey".  Use it like this:  "I saw him struggling with all of his packages, but I am not sympathetic to his journey, so I walked right on by."


mazeway said...

I flippin' LOVE that.  Of course, it's better on the West Coast, where  "journey" doesn't mean 80s music.

As a generally journey-unsympathetic person, I plan to get a lot of use out of this one.

momdeplume said...

<shriek!>  I do like that term better than yours, but it takes too long to say.  I'd rather call the person a harshly spoken yet quick-off-the-tongue word.  I'm open to suggestions.

yummypepper said...

This is the best & I plan on borrowing it!  

I keep telling you there is no need to cuss.  :D