Saturday, February 4, 2006

Gooooo Steelers!

When the Steelers made the Superbowl, we came up with the bright idea of having a Superbowl party.  (When I say "we", I want it made perfectly clear that I was still in the throes of shingles and probably strung out on vicodin at the time.) In order to make it an actual party, I decided to invite people.  My inviting skills are REALLY good.  I did an email invite and God knows I love to email.  Turns out I invited NINE families.  And guess what?  They can all come!  So, now I'm expecting upwards of 40 people (half of them kids) tomorrow at 3:00.  I figure by Sunday night, it'll be easiest just to burn this house down and start fresh with a new one on Monday. 



mazeway said...

Dude, you are out of your MIND.  See what an interest in sports can do to you?

yummypepper said...

I'm so glad the *STEALERS* won.  They come by their name fairly.

Who knew cheating could be so rewarding?  I thought they never prosper.  <snicker>