Wednesday, February 1, 2006


I am a latecomer to 24.  My friends Jen and Rad Chad got me hooked by sending me the Season One DVDs last year.  I was skeptical, but Ritu and I decided to watch.  Turns out one of my favorite dramatic TV moments EVER happens in the first season.   For five episodes, Teri Bauer and Alan York are searching for their missing daughters.  Then comes an absolutely chilling moment when you realize that the real Alan York is dead and stuffed in a trunk and the man who's been "helping" Teri all that time is in on the whole thing.  It was a great moment that left me reeling.  It also left me doubting the motives of every single character on the show since.  In fact,  it made me look suspiciously at my own family members for quite some time.     

Watching 24 requires a suspension of disbelief, but the action and adrenaline rush more than make up for it.  I totally understand why it's built such a following.  What I don't get is how Kiefer Sutherland is winning acting awards.  It's not exactly a nuanced performance.   Nearly everything he says can be distilled into one of the following sentiments:

  1.  We don't have TIME to __________.  

2.  It's a lot more complicated than that.   

3.  Tell me NOW or I'll __________.  

4.  You'll just have to trust me.  

5.  What is your primary objective?  

6.  BANG! BANG!  ::::sound of breaking bones and squirting blood:::::  BANG!  

But hot damn, I loves me some Jack Bauer.


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Clearly, you have lost your mind.

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