Monday, February 26, 2007

We Are A Family Of Eight Year Olds

David loves the word "Neptune".  He uses it to answer any question you ask him. 

"What would you like for breakfast?"

"Do you have your library books?"
 "I have Neptune." 

It's exactly as annoying as you might guess.  I try mainly to ignore it.  Now factor in the constant whistling  between episodes of Neptune and you'll understand why sometimes we have the following conversation:

"How much homework do you have?"
"For the love of God, that isn't a form of measurement!  You can't answer a 'how much' question with 'Neptune'!  At least say 'as much as the weight of Neptune' or 'the amount of time it would take to get to Neptune'."

I try to be attentive to his interests, though.  One day at dinner he was telling us about the screen saver he put on his computer at school. 

David  It's a really cool picture that I found.
Me:  Is it of Neptune?
David: No.
Juliana: Is it of Uranus?
Me: ::::laughing til I almost fall off my chair:::::

A few days later he came out of school and I asked what he had for homework.  They were doing a space unit in science and he replied that he had a little bit of math, some cursive, and that he had to finish coloring Uranus.  Cue hysterical laughter from me and Juliana.  David just rolled his eyes and walked ahead of us toward the van.  I try to be a mature role model, but there is no denying that Uranus jokes are funny 100% of the time. 


momdeplume said...

<snork>  <snurkle>

todlertrouble said...

I still break into song...Well the sun's a hot star and mercury's hot toooooo (what a classic)

foilhat16 said...

Uranus is my favorite planet.  Cracks me up every single time.

chancesutler said...

Don't forget, Uranus is composed of noxious gases.  No one could breathe without special equipment on Uranus.

mazeway said...

nothing is as funny as Uranus.