Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Void Where Prohibited

My kids both love to listen to Radio Disney.  It's one big product placement where you can hear songs from Disney movies, songs by artists signed to the Disney music label, remakes of songs from Disney movies by artists signed to the Disney music label, PLUS a Hilary Duff song every ten minutes!  Also, there are adult DJs pretending to be school kids which, truthfully, freaks me the fuck out.  If you listen to the station for about two hours, you will become familiar with their entire playlist.  To give you a hint, Who Let The Dogs Out is still in heavy rotation.  Despite all this, I don't mind it because it's NOT A CD.  When my kids glom onto a CD, they want to listen to it over and over and over.  Even The Best CD Ever cannot withstand this treatment.  They demand repeated playings until I dream of sharpening the edge of the disc, then using it to slit my own wrists.  At least with a radio station, there's that moment of anticipation as you wait to see what the next song will be.  ("Oh, wow, Who Let The Dogs Out!") 

Radio Disney is forever running contests.  You can call in with the "word of the day" to register for a grand prize.  Sometimes you can win a small prize when you get registered.  To hear the callers shriek and carry on, I don't think they quite understand that they've only won a chance to win.

The other day, Juliana asked if we could call Radio Disney to enter a contest.  Before I could even answer (NO!), David vetoed the idea:

David: I don't think we should call Radio Disney because they're not fair. 

Me:  Not fair in what way?

David: They never let boys win the contests.

Me (Thinking how most of the calls do involve screaming girls, but realizing that pre-adolecent boys sound a lot like girls):  That's not true, honey, boys can win too, even thought it does seem like girls call a lot.

David: But Mom, at the end of every contest they say "Boys Are Prohibited"!


foilhat16 said...

Radio Disney is Satan's station, Janet!!!!!!!

momdeplume said...


mrszargarpur said...

Janet, I found you!!!!!!!  (I miss you!!!!) My kids as well including the 16 month old Jenna sing High School Musical all the freaking time!  It's getting bad enought that I feel I must use "Get Your Head in the Game" for my cycling class next week!

indy1016 said...

Howdy, Lisa!!!!!

mazeway said...

Please, Amy, I'm SURE Satan has good tunes.

foilhat16 said...

Yes, Satan has good tunes, but you have to drive backwards to hear them.  Duh!  This can't be safe.