Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thanks For Clearing That Up

Today Ritu and I had the rare chance to go out for lunch without kids.  He had a doctor's appointment (his knee is healing nicely) so we couldn't go until almost 1:30.  We decided on P.F. Chang's.  Having never worked in a restaurant, I am going to make an assumption based on our experience today that there is a second tier of waitstaff who work the off-hours between lunch and dinner.  And when I say "second tier" I mean "borderline retarded".  I think my favorite moment was when our waiter patiently explained to us that "Soy sauce is like salt."


momdeplume said... sauce is salty?  Well who knew?

foilhat16 said...

<<snort>> Did you resist the temptation to loosen the top on the "soy shaker?"