Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Passover Recap

 I know I left you hanging on the gefilte fish making.  The process was definitely nasty...picture huge bowls containing 11 pounds of ground raw fish, mixed with raw eggs and matzah meal, shaped into balls by hand then boiled for an hour in big soup pots.  And picture my mother and I outside on the patio with the food processor grinding up the horseradish root. Despite all the strange odors and the shrieking, none of my neighbors called the cops.  The good news is that the fish was absolutely delicious.  The bad news is that even two weeks later, every time you open my refrigerator, the scent of gefilte fish wafts out.  I've tried opening the door, spraying in a copious amount of Febreze Air Effects, then slamming it shut but it hasn't solved the problem.  Juliana keeps running out of the kitchen complaining about "that evil smell". 

Anyhow, the holiday went really well and it was great to have my whole family together for a few days.  They all pitched in and helped with whatever needed to be done.  A friend of mine told me that Jesus is sometimes referred to as "Christ, Our Passover".  We uttered that phrase as well, only it was more in the context of: "Christ, our Passover requires a lot of dish-washing!" 

Here are some pictures:

Juliana and my mom making matzah meal pancakes

The seder table all set and ready to go....it had to extend out into the playroom from the dining room.

Juliana and Ritu

Me and my sister, Jennifer

David, trying unsuccessfully to ward off the camera with a spoon

My brother Joe (yes, we all have "J" names) looking earnest

My nephew Enzo...think he knows he's cute?


hallcjm said...

Oh, yeah.....try baking soda in the fridge?

hallcjm said...

OOOOOOooooooo another post & pictures, what could possibly happen next???

GREAT job on the Seder table; looks like a lovely time.

jbear97 said...

Great pictures!!! the kids are getting bigger and bigger!! and yes, I'd say Enzo knows he's cute, because he IS cute!!!

foilhat16 said...

Giant Costco bag of baking soda will clear out your fridge.  Why am I the only person who can't see the pictures?  I'm so happy to hear the Christ was at your Passover, if only for the clean-up.  ;)  

momdeplume said...

Enzo is soooo cute....and he's been working that smile and that dimple for almost his entire 2 1/2 years!

jodyjamesjenna said...

Enzo is so big now and yes so damn cute!!!!

mrszargarpur said...

OMG!  He is cute!