Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Can't Imagine Where I Get My Anti-Social Tendencies

The seders have come and gone, the company has returned to California and I am hoping to post a more detailed report tomorrow.  I don't want to say that we're suffering from Family Togetherness Overload, but today when my Mom made a final trip over to my house to drop some things off and pick up a load of china and containers that needed to go back to her house, on her way out the door she stopped, smiled sweetly at me, then said, "Let's never talk again"




momdeplume said...

Ohhhhh dear.  It looks much more grim in print!!!

foilhat16 said...

ROFL.  I think your mom has a good plan there.  I know when my family does their big, all-inclusive beach vacations it's not unusual for us not to speak for a few months.  All the more interesting as Mike, my mom, my dad, myself and my brother all work together on a daily basis.  ;)