Monday, January 9, 2006

A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Just before the holidays, our mall opened an entire new wing of stores.  No way in hell was I setting foot in the mall at that point but now that things have settled down, Juliana and I made our pilgrimage.  Juliana loves to shop.  Way more than I do.  One of her favorite places on earth is the children's shoe department at Nordstrom's.  She is difficult to buy for, though, due to her adamant opinions regarding what she will and will not wear.  This tendency started at the ripe old age of 19 months when I took an outift out of her dresser and she told me NO.  (In contrast, David let me choose his clothes until he was 4 1/2. )   I generally don't buy her clothes unless she is with me because if I bring something home and she says she won't wear it, there is no negotiating.   At the mall, we discovered a clothing store called Naartjie (pronounced Nar-chee).  It was a relief that she and I both liked it as I am still stinging from her refusal to take a trip to Hanna Andersson over winter break.  Oh, the betrayal!  The outlet is minutes from my house and the clothes are so delicious.  How dare she move on? 

I think Naartjie will ease the pain for now:


hallcjm said...

OK -- darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prices looked pretty decent too. She is WAY too grown up.

fariedst said...

ahhh man I miss my girl.
Tell her that Bhoua says the dress is FABU.  When I saw Becky this weekend she mentioned that she misses the kids a bit.  SHe doesn't miss me, her bestfriend AT ALL, but david and juliana, she misses having them around.
love you guys!

momdeplume said...

And the truly scary thing is....all the shoes and all the dresses will be too small in a couple of months.  The girl is growing like a weed.  Put bricks in her pockets, quick!!