Monday, January 30, 2006

I Can't Believe This Wasn't Me

AOL News - Museumgoer Shatters Vases After Stumble


mazeway said...

Honestly, what the hell were they doing out, anyway.  I mean, it might not have been you this time, but eventually you might have visited.  Other museums--you have been warned.

hallcjm said...

It would have been you if the museumgoer was on ice skates (or hell, wearing high heels for that matter).

momdeplume said...

Honestly, I had a panic attack after I read this.  It is what I dread about going anywhere with nice things (which is why I only hang out at truck stops).  I also
wonder why the vases weren't in cases...don't they know that people like us clutzes are culturally minded and will come to see them?