Thursday, January 26, 2006


Juliana gets a lot of bandwith on this thing.  That's because she dresses cute and, well, pukes a lot.  So let me balance out with a few David vignettes.

In Tucson, Ritu said something about "the freaking van" and David complained to me that Daddy swears too much.  After explaining that "freaking" technically wasn't a bad word,  I did admit that we're a family who likes to swear. David looked at me hopefully and said, "So, does this mean I can say shit?" 


At dinner one night, he was working on a maze on the children's menu.  He's always liked mazes, and always been good at them.  He informed me that he'd finished the maze but when I looked, I saw that he'd followed the maze about halfway through, then stopped and used the crayon to draw a big dot.  Close to the exit of the maze, he'd again drawn a dot, then finished the maze from there.  He saw me looking, then gestured to the dots and explained "Those are portals."


Last month, his class had "Pioneer School" where they were encouraged to dress the part and bring "authentic" lunches.  While Juliana cherishes every chance for a costume change (Going to the grocery store?  Better put on a princess nightgown!), David never likes to be told what to wear.  Getting him to put on a shirt with a collar once a month  for synagogue is a huge hassle.  When he was 4, right after September 11th, there was red, white and blue day at his preschool.  He REFUSED to wear anything with red, white, and blue.  Little communist.  So, imagine my surprise when he decided to pull together an outfit for pioneer day.  We settled on jeans and a plaid button down shirt.  That morning, though, he decided the jeans were uncomfortable and pulled on a pair of nylon wind pants instead.  And he would only wear the button down shirt unbuttoned, over a polo shirt with the collar up.  1880s?  Not so much.  1980s?  Nailed it.


momdeplume said...

See comments below as regards:  YOUR MOUTH.

hallcjm said...

LOVE IT! He sounds pretty cool to me.