Sunday, November 13, 2005

The streak is over

T Minus 5 Days....aaaaaaaand, as if on schedule, David threw up today at Sunday School.  Want to lay bets on whether this was a fluke or the beginning of a horrid plague that will fell every last one of us? 

David's streak is officially broken.  He's nearly 8 1/2 and this is the first time he's ever thrown up.  That's a far cry from his sister.  When she was 3 and under, all you had to do was hear anecdotal evidence of a stomach flu in say, Alaska, and within 20 minutes she had caught it and was puking on your foot.


momdeplume said...

I had forgotten that this was a first.
I'm impressed that he waited till Sunday school and didn't heave all over his bed with its myriad stuffed animals!!

kamiandjtsmom said...

Clearly an attempt so that he doesn't have to have dinner with those pesky people in NY/NJ.  LOL.  I'm SO excited to see you guys !!!  I hope that David feels better !!

rcohen3573 said...

In college, I once threw up 20 times in one night...they seemed to call it "food poisoning."  I love this blog thing and I can't wait until Julianna grows up because I've always wanted to use cursive numbers in my daily life.

So, by the time you need to get on the plane, everyone will be fine.  Bring gallon size ziplocks in the carry-on bags.


momdeplume said... college, we did not call it "food poisoning".  We called it "partying".
But perhaps you were one of those really really good girls, eh?