Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Only Have a Few Minutes

At these hotels, the way the wireless service works is that they give you a coupon good for 24 hours of wireless.  Once the time is up, you have to renew it.  I'm down to less than 30 minutes and we're heading back to Agra today, so I wanted to post quickly before I'm offline again.

Hopefully the pictures went through last night.  I had high hopes of captioning, but there are hundreds of them (happy, Julie??) and we are just too wiped out by the end of each day.  Here's a quick guide to what they are, though.  The batch marked India 2 are the ones from Kanpur.  They start with the train ride there, then show all the relatives from that side.  We didn't do any sightseeing there, so all the pictures are from two different uncle's houses.  When you see the kids playing, that's up on the roof of the house.  I know there is one of Juliana kneeling down on the roof grate that I took from the first floor of the house.  I took a bunch of pics from the roof and from the front of the house (those are the ones with the clotheslines criss-crossing everything....also of the cow walking past the window).  All the ones of people dancing are from the second house we went to.  There are a series of Ritu and I touching the feet of the older generation which is both a major sign of respect as well as a huge photo-opportunity, apparently.  There are also pics from the hotel lobby and the view from the hotel window.

The third batch are all from Jaipur.  The night ones are from Chokhi Dhani and then the rest are from our whirlwind tour yesterday.  First we visited City Palace, where the King of Jaipur still lives.  That's the building with the pink walls.  The yellow building with the striped flags is the royal residence, while the rest has been turned into a museum/tourist area.  From there we went to Jantur Mantur (I was going to say "forgive my spelling" but it's not like any of YOU know any better) and that's a nearly 300 year old observatory.  The pics are mainly of the kids climbing on all the sundials and other equipment which measure astrological movement.  That place was really cool.  Then there are pics of what translates to "the water palace" and those should be pretty obvious.  You can't actually tour that, but it makes for good pictures.  After lunch we drove up into the hills to Amber Fort which is the ancient fort where kings and queens used to live.  Took lots of pics of that, the view from there (including elephants bringing tourists up the front "driveway") and monkeys hanging around there.  We're traveling right now with my mother in law's sister and two younger cousins, Deepu (the one who got engaged) and Kunal.  I hope that helps with the pictures and I promise to go back and caption more thoroughly when I get home.

I don't have my complete address book on snapfish, so I tried to make sure one person from each group of people was getting the link and could forward it around.  If you didn't get them, try emailing somebody who might have them.


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foilhat16 said...

Janet, the pictures are amazing!!!!  Sorry to hear you got sick, though.  Is that painted elephant one of your souvenirs?  ;)