Thursday, November 17, 2005

All Our Bags Are Packed

We leave first thing tomorrow morning.  I had a bit of a freak out yesterday regarding all the things I needed to do.  I walked around vibrating and mentally paralyzed for awhile and finally decided to toss all the perishable stuff out of my fridge.  Surely there could have been no better usage of my time. <insert eye roll here>  But yesterday afternoon I packed all the kids' clothes and last night Ritu and I tackled our packing.  I'm feeling in remarkably good shape for the trip at this moment in time.  My house is clean so that we won't come back to a mess (God Bless Flylady) and I was even able to honor a volunteer committment I had at the school today.

There's been a slight change in our itinerary.  Instead of going from Jaipur to New Delhi, we'll be going back to Agra for a day or so.  Turns out one of Ritu's cousins got engaged, so now there's going to be a big blow-out of an engagement party while we're there.  I don't know exactly when we'll be where, but I'll update when I do.  (That way if there's a monsoon, typhoon, or ka-BOOM, you'll have a vague idea of if we're involved.)

Juliana finally admitted this morning to being a tiny bit excited about the trip.  She's been saying all along that she doesn't want to go.  People ask me why she's not excited.  Well, let's see.  We've  told her what a wonderful experience this is going to be, while ennumerating the deadly, brain-swelling diseases for which she must be vaccinated.  We've subjected her to 5 shots in 6 weeks.  (Excited yet, honey?  It's going to be such an adventure!  Except for the water, of course.  The water there is like poison to you.)  Oh, and she's 5 1/2 and she thrives on routine, consistency, and familiarity.   Did we mention enough times how DIFFERENT every single thing there is going to be?  Yeah, I don't get why she's not excited. 

David, on the other hand, totally gets the adventure part of it.  Well, that and he found the two new game boy games I bought for him to have on the plane.  Either way, he's raring to go.


rcohen3573 said...

You may have done a fine job of packing those bags but who did you put in charge of remembering to put them in the car?  "6:20 is not too early to call the Cohens.  I'm sure the whole family is awake just waiting for us to call!"  At least no one died.  Kenny said the driver seemed to have time for a nice chat, no  hurry to get that bag to the airport.  

I'm sure all is well by now and everyone is having a blast.  Congrats to the relative on the engagement.    

Did you hear about my brilliant question to Ritu?  "Do I have to take the garbage out every Sunday night you are gone?"  I'm sure you all had a good laugh about that one.  I was dead serious too, sad.  

Can't wait to get an update...


momdeplume said...

Here I am, excited to be in Pittsburgh and you are waaaaay across the ocean. Hope the family traveled well and that you are currently having a marvelous time. Don't feel that everyone is staring at you.....KNOW that they are, but they will adore you, I am sure.  Kisses to all the Sahnis that I know and namastes to the ones I don't!!