Monday, November 14, 2005


We leave Friday, November 18th and fly from Portland to Newark, then from Newark to New Delhi.  All on Continental.  I'm sure Continental will do a fine job, it just seems like we should be flying something more exotic.  We arrive in New Delhi at 9:15 PM.  Now here's where it gets tricky.  The time change in India is 13 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Oregon.  Why 30 minutes?  I have no idea.  Stop pestering me on details.  So when we arrive in New Delhi at 9:15 PM, it will be on the 19th.  Ok, subtract 13 1/2 hours....hang on...carry the 1....ok, it would be 7:45 AM on November 19th back in Oregon.  Which is almost precisely 24 hours from the time we will have left.  Gee, it sounds a lot worse when I look at it that way. 

The whole point of this lesson is that when I give you the dates of where we'll be in India, I'm going by what day it is there.  You'll just have to do your own math because, personally, I'm giving myself a headache here.  Maybe this will help


11/18  Leave PDX

11/19 Arrive New Delhi

11/20 Drive to Agra

11/25 Train to Kanpur

11/28 Train back to Agra

11/30 Drive to Jaipur

12/2  Drive to New Delhi

12/4 Fly out of New Delhi

12/5  Arrive in Portland around noon.

Need a map?  I thought you might.  You'll see that all of where we're going is in the northern central part of the country.




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momdeplume said...

OK, Einstein would have SUCH a headache trying to figure out the time changes.  It seems like there's an energy/time/matter thing happening. When you come home,  you become a day younger.  I would suggest a mirror so you can watch yourself unwrinkle.