Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well, Hell

RIP Emma 10:35 PM


momdeplume said...

I'm so sad for Emma and for your family. Not to mention Spots, who is now an orphan.  The thing is, while you are feeling the bruise on your collective hearts Emma had a better life than most 3rd world children.  And most 1st world ones, too.

What I have found out about pets is, even though you have this real pain in your heart, you WILL love again!  It's just rotten than pets don't live exactly as long as we do.

sarahthinksjanet said...

Well, Hell indeed!  

                     A TRIBUTE TO EMMA

                  Emma, Emma, the beloved pet
                  Emma, Emma, they took you to the vet
                  Your passing has left a sad, sombre mood
                  Dying......not the best way to show your gratitude

                  Emma, Emma, sweetest little pig I never did meet
                  Emma, Emma, the blogs about you were always a treat
                  Yes, Indy's blogs about you were always fanatic and kind
                  Yet, sometimes I wondered, "Has she lost her mind??"

                  Emma, Emma, blog readers shared in your life through internet post
                  Emma, Emma, your passing will therefore be felt coast to coast
                  You've been immortalized by Indy whose blogs were funny and savvy
                  I just pray she's forgotten about wanting that big, gawky cavy!

                  So, dear Emma, on to greener pastures you go
                  You were truly the bestest guinea pig I never did know

          Janet, I really, really am sorry about Emma.  Your mom is right though.....
          Emma had a cool life with a

sarahthinksjanet said...

Damn......I ran out of space......go figure

the end to the #2 post is as follows: cool, loving family.

I was so close..........

jengrappone said...

To paraphrase what I said on the phone, "Oh NOOOOOOOOO!" Kisses to the kids. So sorry.

hallcjm said...

Oh Janet; I'm so so sorry.

kamiandjtsmom said...

Ah shit Janet.  ((( )))  I'm so sorry.