Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This evening David was supposed to go to a hockey game with Ritu.  But his allergies were acting up and the Alavert left him draggy and cranky, so he decided to stay home.  Thus, instead of a quiet evening with just Juliana, I was left at home with both kids.  My bitterness quotient feels unusually high, but it's nothing that couldn't be cured with some Oreo cheesecake.  Too bad I don't have any.  To take my mind off of my dessert-less state, I thought I'd share a few recent observations.

1.  Why is Uno so fun?  There's really no reason why it should be, but it consistently is.  It helps that Juliana has a first-rate victory dance.  She jumps up, turns her back to you, then shakes her bootie while clicking her tongue and making hand motions as if she's playing finger cymbals. 

2. If you're going to follow your request for nonfat milk with "three pumps of white chocolate and two sugars in the raw", why even bother with the pretense of saving calories?

3. If I don't get my hair cut soon, I am going to be up on a clock tower with an automatic weapon. 

4. Why doesn't J.K. Rowling hurry the hell up and finish the last Harry Potter book? 

5. And why do I have to wait until freaking OCTOBER for new episodes of Battlestar Galactica?

6. Why, when seated in front of a plate of  food, do my children pick something up, take a bite, then place it on the table RIGHT NEXT TO their plate.  Apparently, this is particularly  neccessary  when eating a slice of cheese.  GAH!  So irritating. 

7.  Where is that God-forsaken Oreo cheesecake?

All righty, while you ponder all of that, I'm off to watch my Tivo'd episode of Cheerleader Nation.


hallcjm said...

Hope you found some cheesecake.

Re: the food/plate thing --- IT MUST be in the 'how to be a kid' handbook b/c I can't figure it out. <ugh!>

mazeway said...

Cheerleader Nation?  Why is this the first I am hearing of this?!? Sheesh, why does TiVo not pick up on my taste?  We get 8 gazillion episodes of Southpark in the "suggestions," the occasional kid show, but NEVER is there lovely serendipitous trash.  But, oh, Hail TiVo.