Friday, August 4, 2006

Where Did This Child Come From?

The other day Juliana figured out how to use a clip to hold her blanket (which she calls dee-dee) around her shoulders like a cape.  From there she became Queen Juliana.  When it came time to write out a birthday card for her friend, this is what she wrote:

"I give this gift, this pleasant gift, to you Queen Hallie.  From Queen Juliana.'

One morning this week she busied herself quietly in the living room.  I went to check on her and found she had made a sign reading "Welcome to Funderland".  She had tickets to hand out and three games set up in the living room: a bowling game using plastic cups, a toss the ball in the ring game, and a putting green with a golf club she'd fashioned from tinker toys.  She even had a container of "prizes" to hand out after each game.  (Mine looked surprisingly like a small tinker toy, but she informed me that it was a tootsie roll.)

I don't know whose child she is.  Any real child of mine would be hiding her brother's special possessions and taunting him til he cried.  What's up with this creating fun and happiness for others crap? 


momdeplume said...

Juliana is unique.  You watch out....this child is going to do great things. And I don't say that just because she my grandaughter. For example, tonight for Family Services at Temple, she was dressed in a lovely flowered dress, a purple Indian shawl, and a tiara made of flowers and beads.  And she has bright blue fingernails and toenails.

foilhat16 said...

She's going to kill you with sunshine and light!!!  LOLOL

chancesutler said...

That's a great story!  Funderland.  hee hee.

jrekarate said...

awwwww.....she's kinda the anti Janet huh? <g>