Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 1 of Moving

I did about 5 hours of moving today.  What was I so excited about?  It was 85 degrees.  Did I mention that the new house is one house UP the street?   Since I was working on my own, I couldn't move anything too big or heavy.  Instead, I developed this entirely lame procedure: fill a box at my house, trudge uphill to the next house, unload it, then take the empty box back down the street and start again.  The neighbors must be getting a big kick out of watching me.  Hiya, folks!  Yep, I'm the one moving an entire household with a single box. 

David had a total meltdown tonight which turned out to be related to the move.  Apparently, our current house is "perfect" and he doesn't want a new one.  Much crying and misery ensued.  I don't think I'll be getting my Mother of the Year statue anytime soon since I'd pretty much discounted the effect leaving this house was going to have on the kids.  I know it will pass quickly and I'm glad we were able to talk about it tonight.  I just wish he didn't have to spend hours acting like a jerk as an opening act for the real issue.

I'm gonna call it a night.  I need a shower and I have a terrific craving for a cherry lime-ade from Sonic.  (Too bad there are no Sonics within a 200 mile radius.)  My box and I will get started again first thing tomorrow morning.


hallcjm said...

Flylady would be proud of you & your single box. Hey, you did 5hrs. and she only asks for 15min. at a time. Kudos!

My kids still miss the 'old' house @@ Maybe it's b/c they had spent the bulk of their short-lived lives there.

fariedst said...

I'm not sure if this is going to make you feel better or worse, but when mom and dad moved out of hte house i grew up in SIX years after i moved out I was upset. I told them that the front door was the one they walked through with tiny newborn sarah. How could they abandon that door ?? Mom of course replied with, "Well if you want we can try and bring the door to the new house!"
I still have yet to drive by it.  

So uhm.. maybe you'll still feel bad, but what you should know is its not your fault.. its just uhm the normal process?  maybe really all this does is reveal that i am in fact about to get my period and have been overly sentimental about everything.

mazeway said...

Okay, the single box is killing me.  It seems so...Janet.  Now you just need to trip and spill all the contents.

foilhat16 said...

LOL - what Deana said.

Are you moved yet?  I'm bored with this entry now.  Visualizing you marching up and down the street with your little box of stuff and laughing hysterically is starting to feel mean.

chancesutler said...

Well, it's been over 100 degrees for two weeks straight here, with an avarage temp of 102, so count your blessings.

Mmmm, limeade.

kamiandjtsmom said...

As the self crowned queen of moving, I never used boxes for local moves.  I always used bins.  BUT my favorite thing to do is to use a laundry basket and do exactly what you're doing.  I'd haul that fucker back and forth and it was easier to hold since it had handles.  I know, I know...where was I last week when you needed this info ?  Unpacking my own damn boxes.  <barf>

jrekarate said...

LOL! The one box method is hilarious!! Hope the move is mostly over by now!!