Tuesday, July 18, 2006


On Friday we're leaving for a week-long Alaskan cruise to celebrate Ritu's parents' 40th anniversary.  It's been in the works for months and months and the excitement level is high.  True to form, Juliana got sick today.  So far the symptoms are: headache, fever, and of course, stomach ache.  Does this child EVER get sick without it affecting her stomach? (I thought about linking you to the previous posts about Pukiana, but I don't have all damn day.)  I asked her if she wanted me to put the bucket next to her bed tonight and she said yes.  <sigh>  When you read in the news about a cruise ship overrun by the Norwalk Virus, remember you heard it here first! 


I'm updating some links on my sidebar.  The Comics Curmudgeon is a blog devoted to the daily newspaper comic strips.  It's spot-on in its observations and consistently funny.  It's also one of those blogs whose faithful commenters add to the entertainment value.  Secondly is a blog called The Sapient Sutler which I've been  reading  for the better part of a year.  It's one I stumbled across by hitting the "next blog" button at Blogspot and I was instantly hooked.  You never know if the author, Chance, will be sharing a funny story from his work, making lists of his favorite poetry and music, or reflecting on the state of his personal life, but you can count on it always being literate and absorbing.


We gave up on the For Sale By Owner adventure and have now signed with a realtor.  It had been our plan all along to turn things over to a professional if we hadn't sold it by this point,  but it's been a painful process nonetheless.  It turns out that we have amazing powers of which we weren't aware!  Why, for instance, as soon as we put our house on the market, things like this and this started to appear.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate trying to sell this house and how much I hate being at the mercy of buyers and realtors.  I'll save you paragraphs of my wah-wahing, but my hatred for humanity grows with each passing day.  (Oh, I am going to be an absolute joy crammed on that cruise ship with thousands of my closest friends.)


My dear, sweet David is going through one of those disequilibrium phases that makes me consider boarding schools and retroactive birth control.  He just turned nine and he's perfecting his pre-adolescent posturing.  Because we're so enmeshed in eye-rolling, sarcasm, and general attitude, it catches me off guard when I see glimpses of  little-boy in him.  The other night, he got out of bed to report with the utmost sincerity and earnestness that he'd read in Sports Illustrated For Kids that Ben Roethlisberger has a DOG.


I've been seeing these flocks of little birds at my suet feeder recently.  I'm pretty sure they're called bushtits, but you couldn't pay me to google that. 


David went to Ritu's softball game last weekend.  It's co-ed team that's been a neighborhood tradition for nearly 15 years.  After the game David gave me a wide-eyed play by play which included this exchange:

David:  Daddy got a hit and went to first base and then he went to second when the next lady got balled all the way to first base. 

Me (trying not to howl): That's called getting walked.


fariedst said...

I will be a slave to my laptop and the 30 page paper that i need to be writing every other day of this damn cruise. That means I want my day's "off" (ya know the days i get to vaction on vaction) to be pleasant.  This means that:
1. Juliana needs to be better by friday.
2. You better be damn cheery by friday.
3. Can you use the time machine to turn David into the sweet 4 year old he once was, or turn him into 21 year old david so i can at least get drunk with him.

foilhat16 said...

I"m so sending you a bucket of bushtit poison.  ROFL bushtit.

chancesutler said...

Balled all the way to first base!  That's a classic!  

Yeah, based on my limited experience in 4th to 6th grade rooms, 9-11 year old kids are just starting to realize that they need to break away from their adult role models, but they're usually not quite sure how to do it.  It can maddeningly endearing, or endearingly maddening.

Thank you very much for the kind words.  I am touched.  i signed on to the service just so I could leave this comment.  Love your blog too.  But you knew that.

yummypepper said...

Between your bushtits and balling lady.....   I think there are some new catagories you can put this blog under.  <snicker>

Have a blast on your cruise too!

mazeway said...

I'm pretty sure I've been balled to second base, but I was pretty drunk.