Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Sunday was Ritu's birthday.  We celebrated by spending the weekend in Seattle connecting with old friends and taking the kids to see the Mariners play the Tigers.  Much fun was had by all.  But since we were traveling, there was no opportunity for birthday cake.  And if you ask me, birthdays don't count unless there is cake involved.  In a pinch, an ice cream cake counts, but generally it requires cake with that good artificially colored lardelicious frosting that they make at grocery stores. 

To remedy this, I took the kids to Winco on Monday to get groceries and a cake.  Winco has the cheapest groceries in town.  It's a completely low budget store.  Their idea of shelving is cutting open the big carton the boxes of cereal come in and slapping it on the shelf.  Also, you bag your own groceries which always seems like a fine plan until it actually comes time to bag your own groceries.  Winco is open 24 hours, so we're not talking the Trader Joe's crowd here, people.  One thing I've noticed about shopping there is my tendency to sink to the lowest common denominator.  Yes, just walking through the door turns me (and my children) into white trash. 

During the glorious summer (current weather conditions: 62 degrees and raining), I am able to spend scads of quality time with my darling offspring.  Seeing as they are 9 and 6 now, a trip to the grocery store is no longer a big deal.  So why is it that I came closer to beating them right there in the cereal aisle than I ever have before? Part of that is the WWTF (Winco White Trash Factor) and  I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little edgy lately, but would it kill them to agree on ANYthing?  I had to make one of them walk in front of the cart and one behind so that they couldn't bicker or touch each other.  They irritated me to the point that I refused to let them engage in our favorite grocery shopping ritual of opening egg cartons until we find a broken egg. 

Somehow, we made it  to the bakery beating-free.  We selected a pre-made 1/4 sheet chocolate cake and I asked the bakery lady if she could write Happy Birthday Daddy on it.   She readily agreed and called the kids over to her work station where she squirted out samples of frosting so they could choose colors.  I leaned wearily on my cart and enjoyed a few rare moments of peace as I watched my children working together in harmony.  I felt so grateful to this kind stranger for providing me with this brief interlude.  She let the kids stay there while she piped the message in blue and yellow (Michigan colors!).  When she finished she replaced the plastic dome and looked up at me with a big smile, clearly seeking my approval. 

Stay in school, kids!


md59 said...

Parents...this is why you don't let your kids go to Michigan State.

momdeplume said...

I noticed that when I went to the Winco site, the first question appearing is:
 "Who is Winco foods?"  
The lateness of my lifespan and of the evening do not permit me to list everything that's wrong with that.  

jbear97 said...

hehe, sorry Janet, I can relate.. but I was evil and made the bakery lady re-do the cake, it was for a kid, so it REALLY mattered, ya know.

foilhat16 said...

Bahahahaha!!!  Are you sure you didn't get that cake in Florida?  

hallcjm said...

You are kidding me! Seriously, that is one for the record books @@

tennismj said...

I always litterally laugh out loud when I read your entries, Janet...but after reading this one I had tears in my eyes!!!  I would love to print it out and share it with my students.

= )
(okay - where is the spell check on this darn thing, lol)

yummypepper said...


Please tell my darling Ritu happy birthday from me!  I totally forgot about  his day.

mazeway said...

Had to call STeve down for that one.  Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick.

nzicker said...

Hey! Who is 'FOILHAT' and doesn't he/she know that you, Janet, have some friends in FL? Now, I don't know about those friends of yours up in the Jacksonville area being white trash or not (just kidding Donyal), but we down here in the Daytona area...WEL, WEE NO HOW 2 SPEL WIRDS JUS RITE NOW IFFIN YU WIL SCUZE ME, I HAFTA GO BAK ON THE FRUNT PORCH AN SIT ON THE CAR SEET AN MAK FUN OF MY NAABORS.

jrekarate said...

I am howling at this one!! Hope Dady had a grate day!!