Thursday, June 22, 2006


It's been a long, sucky week.  All four of us have been sick.  Plus we had house guests for five days.  And all this while the house is on the market.  I could whine and whine for paragraphs on end, but I won't.  Only because I'm not feeling well enough to type it all out.  Not because of any sort of "suffer in silence" mentality.  (When I die, no one will ever say, "We never heard a word of complaint out of her".  It'll be more along the lines of:  "Thank God all that bitching has finally stopped for good".)

Here are some assorted ramblings....

My sister's book is available now!  It's doing really well and has been in the top 100 for computer books on Amazon.  Not bad for the little sister who once pissed me off so badly that I threw a metal dust pan at her head. 


Juliana decided yesterday that she was going to try staring at the phone really, really hard and see if she could see who was on the other end.  Do you think this will require pharmacological treatment?


David's birthday party is tomorrow.  He turned nine last Friday.  NINE!  How is that possible?  He is so cute and funny.  Well, sometimes he's a complete and utter pain in the ass what with the eye-rolling and attitude, but he can be so charming and sweet and just plain hilarious.  He's working a pretty good dry and sarcastic sense of humor which, as you might imagine, is well-rewarded in this family.  We're doing a low budget birthday party in our greenspace with outside games and make your own sundaes. I love that we have the room out back for all these kids to play.  I bought enough ice cream to feed the neighborhood kids as well.  (Doesn't this sound like an idyllic place to live?  Wouldn't you like to BUY MY HOUSE?  Remember when I said moving was like being pregnant?  Here's another similarity I found.  You know how annoying it is when, during your last tri-mester, people keep asking you, "Didn't ya have that baby yet?"  Well, if one more fucking person asks me, "Did you sell your house yet?" I am gonna blow.)


When you have the stomach flu like I had this week with pervasive nausea and omnipresent gurgling so that the very act of driving a car gives you motion sickness, the last thing you need is a severe case of the hiccups.  Why not just make me jump on a trampoline?  My organs were doing their damndest to escape on their own; they didn't really need that extra help.  I'm talking to you, diaphragm.

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momdeplume said...

Oh think YOU are suffering.  What about a poor, grey haired yet remakably lovely woman who has endless itching/hurting/not-sleeping-because-of-shingles yet who baby sits her darling grandchildren, and who is almost viciously attacked by TWO coyotes who are walking across the street while staring lustfully at my car and my innocent self?  Huh?  What about ME??