Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's A Miracle!

Last night Ritu got back into town from a quick business trip.  When he got home, he took five minutes and --get this-- completely unpacked his suitcase.  And then--are you sitting down?--he took the empty suitcase and PUT IT AWAY IN THE CLOSET.  In fifteen years of marriage, I have never known this man to exhibit such behavior.  If this is a side effect of having the house on the market, I'm off to go up the price. 

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halzmama said...

Yea for you (and good for Ritu!!)  Amazing!  Greg NEVER unpacks his suitcase...and I mean NEVER.  After the last camping trip, he left his duffle in the GARAGE, so that we could share it with the entire neighborhood!!  People kept asking if he was about to leave on a trip.  Nope!
Came back from one a month ago, you got a problem with that??

After trips home at the holidays, he will just wear clothes out of the suitcase until it is empty, at which point I will put it away.  I'm an enabler.