Thursday, December 8, 2005

I'm Ready for my Psychotic Break, Mr. DeMille

Everyone was up at 3:30 AM again today.  I will say the children played together very nicely for the FIVE FREAKING HOURS before school started.  I'm so tired I could keel over.  Plus, my stomach is acting up.  (Ok, washing down the pepto-bismol with hot coffee probably wasn't my best move, but how many sacrifices can one person make?)  Also, my skin is a wreck, I look like hell, and a fairly good handful of hair came out when I was shampooing this morning.  I thought maybe I'd brought home a parasite from India (silver lining: wasting away for 10 pounds or so) but at school pick-up this afternoon, I had it confirmed that some kind of stomach bug is going around.  Oh goody!  Something contagious!!  Maybe tomorrow's pre-dawn waking will be accompanied by a chorus of vomit. 

Juliana fell asleep at 4:30.  I'm letting her nap for an hour, then I'll wake her up and try to keep her conscious til a decent bedtime.  In our family, we call this tough love.  And it usually involves a lot of crying.  I bet Juliana will cry too. 

Ritu gets home tonight.  That is a very good thing.  I'm working hard to look past the fact that he'll be on an entirely different recovery schedule.  And that he'll be lugging with him a giant suitcase full of dirty laundry.

Ahhhhh, cyber does a body good.

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foilhat16 said...

OK Janet - I love your cyber-bitching.  You have to keep blogging.  How's everyone today?